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Different Types of Fitness Training For Your Body

Fitness training includes many programs that offers you lots of aerobic benefits and helps you to make your body flexible. So, to improve your health you should go through various training types. These include dynamic-strength training, circuit training, static strength training and many more.

Zumba Dance Classes

Flexibility training

Flexibility training is considered to be one of the important programs. Since it serves to be a foundation, it helps you to perform exercises effectively. The program is nothing but a set of stretching exercises that enhances range of motion and flexibility. Additionally, you can benefits from yoga and Tai Chi. When yoga increases physical and mental strength, Tai Chi improves balance and reduces stress. As you enjoy the drill, you would also find the best way of improving breathing and posture.

Dynamic Strength-training

Popularly known as an anaerobic exercise, dynamic strength training helps to build on full-range of motion by strengthening muscles. When you undergo such type of training, you work on your muscles through calisthenics, weightlifting, leg press and bench press. Beyond everything else, you also strengthen muscles around your stomach.

Static Strength-training

Static strength-training is nothing but a set of isometric exercises that helps you tone and thereby maintain muscle strength. While you try different sets, you would be contracting muscles without moving joints. Isometric exercises can be subdivided into two types, submaximal and maximal. Submaximal exercises include muscle contractions with little use of strength. On the contrary, maximal exercises involve contracting muscles by using your strength. Pushing an immovable object is the perfect example you can think about.

Aerobic Training

Aerobic training involves performing steps on different beats of music. Since you would be increasing breathing along with your heart rate, aerobics make the cardiovascular system strong. Such exercises are similar to the ones practiced at Zumba hip hop dance classes. As you perform rhythmic actions for 15 minutes, you maintain your heart rate anywhere between 60 and 80 percent. Brisk walking, jogging, swimming, and stair stepping are some of exercises you would be going through.

Anaerobic Training

Zumba Classes

Anaerobic exercises could also be a part of the training program. These increase oxygen substantially and make up for the deficit. You have to perform sets for short period of time otherwise the cardiovascular system would have a tough time. Powerlifting is one such example which involves lifting heavy weights for a few seconds.

Circuit Training

With a combination of strength-training programs and aerobic training, circuit training involves jogging from one exercise station to another. While singular stations help you focus building strength of body parts, switching between stations enables you to maintain heart rate to the best extent. You can devote 30 to 60 minutes for circuit training as you distribute time equally. Such exercises help you do something different than the usual and monotonous fitness drill. Just in case you can’t hit the gym, you can also do exercises indoors.

If you can’t spare time for a workout, then you can join Zumba dance classes. To know more about memberships, contact your nearest health center.

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