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Zumba a Journey Towards Staying Fit

Zumba is a latin inspired dance workout which involves dance and aerobic movements at energetic latin music. Zumba was founded in the year 1990’s and has been a trend since almost all over the globe.

The workout involves slow and fast progressively styled movement which burns a ton of calories without even realizing it. Zumba is a fun dance workout designed for all of the age groups. The intense workout could be performed solo at the users’ willingness or in a group to get better results. This 45 minute to a hour long session involves alternating between slow and fast paced movements as per the music resulting into a best cardio exercise. Music is one of the most important part of the zumba dance workout.

zumba fun dance workout

It is like a performance art wherein the music creates the drama and the intensity to movements on the floor. Zumba is easy to learn and fun to workout. This ability of zumba leads an individual to stick to the discipline and thus achieve the respective fitness objectives. For enrolling in zumba one requires no prior training; all one has to do is follow the instructor. Additionally, zumba utilizes bodies own resistance to tone up the upper and lower body strength. The workout gets its influence from genres such as hip-hop,soca, samba, salsa, merengue and mambo. The prime objective of the zumba dance workout is to develop balance and coordination; the music guides the movements in ways to develop muscles and mind holistically. The zumba workout music also delivers meditative qualities thus training the mind to move the body in coordination.

zumba fun dance workout

The whole idea of zumba was to provide and develop it as a habit thus keeping the people occupied with the fitness objectives. The classes and sessions are fun to involve in and this keeps the person motivated all the time without forgetting their fitness objectives. The instructors are highly trained and certified to conduct the fitness classes. The idea is to regularize the workout process while providing flexibility to engage as found comfortable and suitable. While engaging in zumba there are no fixed rules and user is in full authority to perform at one’s own will.

The music is essential to the work out session as it provides the fun ingredients and lets the user feels like attending a dance party then a workout session. The zumba fitness provides an option to do it yourself through following instructions on dvds and online thus avoiding to attend the classes; user also has the ability to invent and customize their own moves. Overall the zumba fitness breaks the traditional style of workout and presents the user with more sophisticated style of staying fit.