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How Zumba Burned Calories ?


Zumba is a new and innovative and effective method to burn your calories. Basically Zumba is a fitness program which includes dance based on some Latin dance moves and mainly salsa dance.

What is Zumba:

While doing Zumba, people can burn sufficient amount of calories. Zumba is different from other calorie burning programs as it also gives you a feel of dance party going around yourself.The basic motto of Zumba is to provide a huge amount of calories burned by performing different fitness activities through just one medium and that is dance. Zumba dance includes lots of calorie burning activities like aerobics, dance and fast movement of body.

How zumba burns your calories:

Zumba is programmed according to one’s physical structure, weight, and the fitness. There are people having different body structure and Zumba is developed according to their weight, and fitness. Every person like to dance but they are unaware of the fact that how much calories they can burn while dancing. Using this technique of burning calories, Zumba was created. When lots of people in a group performs zumba, they do not feel like having workout but rather they feel like having a dance party and while dancing and enjoying they also burn lots of calories. Zumba has a nice blend of music, different dance steps and a workout regime that helps in burning lots calories within a quick succession of time. According to many witnesses, they have burned around 400 to 600 calories in an hour.

Zumba gives a wholesome workout to your body as while doing zumba your full body gets a workout, from head and shoulders to your knee and ankles. Zumba is so effective that it strengthens each and every muscles and joints in your body and as a result you burn lots of calories. As you know that in Latin dance, mostly the focus is on hips and abs and mostly people gain lots of weight around hips and abs. So while performing Zumba you can burn lots of calories around your hips and abs. Zumba also works on the flexibility as a flexibile body provides a great charm to your body.

Zumba calorie burning regime also depends a lot on a person’s body weight and fitness as zumba workout is categorized according to different intensities. During an hour’s session of zumba a person with a weight around 180 – lb can burn up to 600 calories. People of different weight and size are the members of zumba and according to them zumba workout has helped them in burning tremendous amount of calories. People who have been a part of zumba, loves zumba as it is not only a fitness program but it also gives fun and refreshment.

People find it amazing as they burn huge amount of calories and they have a nice feel of music and dance too. People have also witnessed that while performing zumba they feel highly energized within themselves. People likes to Burn calories with zumba workout as they enjoy doing it and it is also quite refreshing.