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how to get zumba certification

zumba certification give you many opportunities for fitness and dance career as a instructor. But the first step you already aspired by any instructor and you have very good knowledge about zumba and you already completed your basic training with zumba.

Certification of Zumba

If you are interested to get zumba certification then you must have to attend zumba instructor training and after complete this training you will get zumba certificate current through variety of courses by the Zumba Academy or by joining the zumba instructor network, ZIN™ I will explain whole process step by steps First you need to attend basic level 1

Zumba certification for Basic Level 1

As a dance instructor you must have knowledge about how to teach your students. In first class how you welcome your new student and after attend first class they never go anywhere without your class and begin their teaching journey with zumba program as soon as possible. Zumba academy provides all resources; tools which are require teaching zumba classes. You learn steps of dance with four basic rhythms which are reggaeton, cumbia, merengue, and salsa. Instructor also instructs you to how to take steps with music and how to teach it for your student.

1 year basic level license certificate

Jump Start Gold

Jump start gold is designed for instructor who requires instructing older adult people after doing this exercise your student feel healthy and fit. In this certification you teaches you some special formula and technique to teach zumba class.

1 year Gold license and after that you having a membership for ZIN

basic 2

Zumba Certification

In this certification they will cover all four dancing technique which are in basic 1 but additionally they teach some special formula for easy success and some additional steps for dance. They also learn to you on how to share your choreography.

1 year basic license and you have 50% off on ZIN membership.

Zumba certification Gold®

It has all features which are available in start gold and additionally they add chair workout license too. It will helpful for give exact shape after baby boomers. They also teach you how to attract your student from party for the first time. It addresses the anatomical, physiological, and psychological needs specific to these populations.

As long as you are a ZIN member.

Zumba certification Toning

It is designed for a instructor who want to teach how to give attractive shape to body and how to lose weight from burning calories. They also teach you how to use zumba toning sticks which is like light weight maraca. Give attractive shape to all targeted zone, build strength, and enhance rhythm.

Not expire until you leave ZIN membership

Aqua Zumba

For all ages people can take benefits of it. It specially designed for pull party. In this certification they added to teach water base workout with safe and effective manners.

Got Aqua as long as you are a ZIN member.

Zumba certification Zumbatomic

It’s only designed for kinds age limit specified 4-12 years. It will teach you kids lovable music and dance steps like hip-hop, reggaeton, cumbia and many more. Instructor also teaches you how increase your kids students self-confidence, boosting metabolism and enhancing coordination. This certificate also helps you to handle discipline and class management Zumba certification. Because when kids are come discipline must require so they will teach you how to handle kids and give you batter enjoy because if kids didn’t find enjoy then they never come back in your class.

Not expire until you leave ZIN membership