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Zumba Dance Moves

Zumba dance moves

Zumba is a new and improvised method of burning extra calories. People love it because it is not just a fitness program but it is also a dance party. It was discovered unexpectedly as his founder Alberto Perez one day forgot his traditional aerobic music. He had his collection of mix music in his bag and thus he developed a new kind of fitness program mixing some Latin dance moves. It was discovered in the mid 90s. Zumba dance moves are the collection of various aerobic exercises and latin dances like salsa and merengue. Today, very popular in Miami, Florida and other US states.

Different Dance Moves At Zumba3:

It is an alternative to the normal exercises and aerobics. Zumba dance moves and the energetic music are so lively that the participants get engaged to it very quickly. Zumba dance moves are basically some aerobic exercises mixed with some Latin dance moves like Salsa and Merengue. As we all know that dancing helps in burning calories and it is also enjoyed by all kind of people thus Zumba dance makes it unique and also different from others. Zumba dance steps are easy-to-follow as they suits easily from young to old generation.

Moves of zumba danc are categorized according to their different It classes. There are mainly six types of it classes. A brief detail for these It classes are as follows.

Zumba dance moves
  1. Fitness Dance Classes: People love to dance and party on exotic rhythms and energetic music. These exercise methods are easy to perform, and people can also burn lot of calories.
  2. Zumba Gold Classes: Zumba gold classes are basically focused on the young generation people. Here developed keeping in mind the lifestyle of the young and growing generation. It includes regular fitness exercise as their weekly schedule.
  3. Zumba Toning Classes: This class focuses on the fitness training that is helpful to tone the body structure. These are helpful in burning lot of calories. In this class they also learn how to use light weight sticks like maraca to tone their targeted body parts. These fitness training are perfect to tone and build your body structure.
  4. Aqua Zumba Classes: It has a total experience like a pool party. It has dance moves like stretching, splashing and twisting of your body. It based on the traditional zumba dance moves disciplines.
  5. Zumbatomic Classes: These classes are specially designed for small kids of age between 4 years to 12 years. These classes have fun fatnesses that are highly energized with dance parties and kids love them too much. These dance parties also increases the self-confidence and metabolism rate in children.
  6. Zumba in the Circuit Classes: The zumba dance moves in these classes is inspired by the latin dance moves combined with the circuit training. Here the activities are highly energized with great metabolism boost and they perform it on various Latin dance moves like salsa, reggaeton, merengue, hip-hop and so on.

Zumba dance moves

Have lot of variety according to different age-group people and they are quiet easy to perform. People love it as they enjoy doing it. It is one of best fitness program and is also gaining popularity around the whole world.