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Learn the basic Zumba dance steps

Zumba dance steps is ona of workout

Zumba dance steps

Zumba is one of the best ways to exercise and do all kind of workout. Zumba classes are located in all major cities and are becoming more and more popular these days. Even if you are a beginner, you do not need to worry. You do not need to be a dance expert for doing Zumba workout. The purpose of Zumba fitness is to reduce weight, get in to right shape and stay fit and healthy. Zumba dance steps are easy and the steps involve making all your body muscles move and make it strong. These are based on Zumba music which incorporates the latest songs mixed with Latin rhythms. The rhythms are fast paced as well as slow paced. The beats keeps on changing as you keep moving and performing Zumba. There are various dance styles involved for performing which consists of Salsa, hip hop, Cumbia, Meringue and reggaeton. These are some international dance forms.

Meringue is the Latin dance form and is very similar to march. However, the dancer do not have to lift their feet too high and is said to be typical high step marching. In this style, the arms move in a circular way and the hands should be close to waist or hips. Another Zumba dance steps is in Salsa rhythm. The rhythm of salsa is counted in triplet styles as one and two, three and four. In this, you right foot should be placed out at “one” and left must be placed on “and” and again the right foot comes back in on “two”. For the third count, the left foot steps out, right foot is in on the count “and” and the left foot is back to its position on count “four”. This is how salsa is taught for Zumba exercise. Cumbia dance style is originated from Columbia and is a folk dance. This is a simple Zumba dance step where you have to move your foot front and back as per the Zumba beats. This may at times go at fast paced whereas at times it will at slow paced music. It is fun doing this as once you have put your right foot in front and the left foot will be at place and then interchange it on the count and beats.

dance steps exercise for zumba

Zumba dance steps

Next is the Reggaeton dance form. This is combination of hip hop and Latin dance style. There is no particular dance steps for this style but has not of style involved in dancing. For doing this, your knees to be bent and feet should be stomping on the beats. Your stomping should be too loud or harsh, it needs to be soft or type of marching. You need to be slow while doing this reggaeton dance form. The beats or rhythms keeps on changing and you need to move as the music demands. Isn’t this simple? If you have not tried Zumba dance style yet, go for it now and have fun with your workout and exercise.