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Zumba toning sticks

After complete initial level now turns to maintain your muscles so strong. Because after fully aware of zumba dance exercise steps and your body is stable with dance exercise you may go for this next level. Every men and women want nice muscles and figure. And maintain muscles are really hard but zumba make is so easy for you.

What is zumba toning sticks ?

  • When we this about making muscles with dance exercise maraca will come into eyes. But because some heavy weight of maraca it’s really difficult to move your hands and body on music with maraca.
  • So zumba make some additional light weight toning sticks which is called zumba toning sticks. it has near about 2.5 lb.

When zumba toning sticks require?

Zumba toning program is not for everyone because if you are new to zumba then please avoid it. After making some good knowledge about zumba . When you are attend zumba toning program are require. And you are not going to at classes and doing your dance with DVD Purchase Zumba DVD then sticks come free with zumba DVD so need to worry for purchase it.

Zumba toning sticks

Why they made zumba toning sticks?

Yes, in market so many toning sticks are available but it’s not proper in terms of weight, grips and shape. Zumba know that what things are required in toning sticks when attendees join zumba toning program. Other class programmer use maraca which is right choice for them but if you go with zumba then you should have zumba toning sticks because here you are not doing only exercise you are doing dance on Latin music and you have to move your arms on each steps of music so at that time if you are use maraca then it’s possible to come pain in your arm or it sleep from arms then possibility to occurrence of heavy injury because of its law grade grip it. Because of all above issues zumba developed his own sticks which are sticks of zumba exercise.

Why these are batter then maraca ?

  • Maraca has little more weight and if you are under 16 or outer of 50 then it’s not good for use this type of heavy weight maraca use 2.5 Lb zumba toning sticks.
  • With use of maraca heard to take each arm steps fast on zumba music because of heavy weight so use for overcome this problem.
  • Maraca didn’t have grips so it’s possible to sleep from your arms at the time of dancing and it may harmful to you or other who doing exercise around to you.
  • If you are new to toning exercise and directly use heavy weight maraca then It will create pain on your arms, after that you never like to doing this type of exercise.
  • It folded with soft cloth so you palm is as soft as after complete toning exercise.

How to take care of your zumba toning sticks?

Zumba toning sticks
  • Placed at room temperature for increase life of sticks
  • Keep it away from direct heat
  • Keep away from direct sun light
  • Clean and soft cloths only do not try to wash it with soap or cloth washing powder.

Stop use toning sticks if you feel from below checklist.

  • If you starter of zumba class and not have much more knowledge about zumba class
  • If caps are remove then do not use
  • Not for children
  • Do not use toning sticks on other exercise then toning program without instructed by your instructor
  • Do not use in wrong steps
  • After use it If you feel pain then immediately stop use and meet your instructor or called near zumba class.
    Find nearest zumba class zumba class locator help you
  • If any of parts are damaged then immediately change your sticks because it’s cost is not much more than your safety.