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Zumba Waka Waka

Zumba waka waka is a part of zumba fitness program that is based on different dance steps, especially Latin dance steps. It is a mixed breed of cardiovascular exercises like aerobic and dance with upbeat Latin music.

Zumba Waka Waka

The word “Zumba” is a Latin word which means move your body fast and have fun. It is not too tough but it is fun and quite easy to learn. While doing exercise a person can lose a huge amount of calories and moreover he will have a feel of having fun. That makes different from other fitness programs. It was discovered unexpectedly by Alberto Perez when one day he forgot his traditional aerobic music. The dance is a collection of various dance moves like salsa, merengue etc. Today exercise dance is famous in nearly every part of United State (USA), Canada and Australia.

Zumba Waka Waka History

It is nothing new, it’s the same song waka waka sung by Shakira but it is altered a little bit and used as zumba music. It is famous song by Shakira which is also a Columbian singer. This song was officially made for 2010 FIFA world cup and it was released on May 11, 2010. This song is very energetic and has a highly upbeat music and thus people loves to dance on this song and it is one of the reason that this song was included in Zumba music playlist. When this song was initially played during the workout regime, people were thrilled and started dancing and since then this song is also called Zumba Waka Waka.

Zumba Waka Waka is a hit in exercise and fitness dance as people loves to dance and move their body along with the rhythms of this song. In a short period of time it became one of the favourite songs of most the people that participate in fitness dance. Even the trainers of zumba love to play and dance on the beats of this. Fitness trainer also like these songs for initiate people. Trainers also discovered various dance steps that can be used when song is played. These dance steps are also helpful in burning lots of calories.

Waka Waka Zumba

Zumba Waka Waka

It is also presented in so many different ways that people loves to dance on each and every tunes of music. The original song now has become as this song is played in nearly every exercise regime. The dance steps that are used during this song are so perfect and fast that a person can lose lots of calories and even he will enjoy doing this. Whenever this song is played, the crowd starts cheering and shouting in loud voices. They become very excited on hearing this song on a high beat. As per some diehard fans of this song, they even forget that what’s happening around and just focus on the dance and the tunes of it.

It has gained a good popularity among all the people that participate in fitness program.